Welcome to the official website of Shani, a multifaceted American recording artist, writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, choreographer, fashion designer, martial artist, astrologer and entrepreneur. With a diverse range of talents and a passion for creativity, Shani embodies a unique blend of artistry, athleticism, and business acumen that captivates audiences worldwide.

The Artist

Shani's journey began in the streets, where he honed his skills as a dancer in electrifying street performances and talent shows. From these humble beginnings, he cultivated his talent and passion for performance, evolving into a dynamic artist who seamlessly blends music, dance, and martial arts into his unique artistic expression.

The Writer

As a songwriter for over more than a decade, Shani has delved into themes of love, resilience, empowerment, mysticism and the human experience, crafting lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners. His music is a fusion of genres, blending soulful melodies with poignant storytelling, creating an emotional connection that transcends boundaries.

The Performer

From performing mixtapes in his basement to commanding stages at theaters and venues across the globe, Shani's evolution as a performer is a testament to his dedication and artistry. His performances are renowned for their energy, precision, and magnetic stage presence, captivating audiences with every move and every note.

The Martial Artist

Shani's discipline extends beyond the stage as a black belt and practitioner of Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi and Qigong, with over 20 years of experience. His martial arts training influences his performance style, infusing it with grace, strength, and a profound sense of discipline that sets him apart in the entertainment industry.

The Entrepreneur

In 2019, Shani expanded his creative ventures by founding The Natural Path, an online store that offers a curated selection of clothing, accessories, books, and entertainment. Through The Natural Path, Shani not only showcases his entrepreneurial spirit but also promotes a lifestyle that reflects his values of creativity, self-expression, and community engagement.

Community Engagement

Beyond his artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors, Shani is committed to giving back to his community through service and non-profit work. His outreach efforts in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia reflect his dedication to inspiring and empowering youth through music, dance, and mentorship.

Shani's Influence

From street performances to international stages, Shani's journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and creativity. His artistry not only entertains but also uplifts and educates, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who experiences his music and performances.


Explore the vibrant world of Shani through his music, electrifying performances, compelling writings, entrepreneurial ventures, and inspiring community efforts. Join him on a journey of artistic exploration, where boundaries are pushed, and creativity knows no limits. Stay connected with Shani to witness firsthand why he continues to be a dynamic force in the entertainment industry and a positive influence in the community.

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